About restaurant reviews

About reviews

Reviews on Tabelog are the subjective opinions of users who have actually dined there.
Some are positive - "satisfied" - while others are negative - "disappointed."
Please note that Tabelog does not "judge right or wrong" the content of reviews, although sometimes there may be reviews that differ from our own thoughts and opinions.
Tabelog reviews do not constitute an absolute rating of a restaurant. Please use them only as reference information.

Criteria for publication of reviews

In order to use Tabelog as a reliable food guide, we ask you to post your reviews in accordance with our 'Review Guidelines (Notes on submitting reviews)'.
All reviews submitted are visually checked by dedicated staff and appropriate action is taken at any time for reviews deemed to be in breach of the 'Review Guidelines'.
If you have a review that you believe violates the 'Review Guidelines', please contact us here.
Please note that in some cases we may not be able to meet your request.