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Total listed restaurants860,000

Highest number of listed restaurants

With over 860,000 listings, Tabelog covers most restaurants.


Highest number of reviews

Over 65.27 million genuine reviews


Abundant photos available

More than 164.48 million photos show the food and ambience of the restaurants.

Restaurants available for online reservations73,000
As of March 2024, based on the number of restaurants contracted with the online reservation service.

Highest number of restaurants available to reserve online in Japan

Make online reservations at a wide variety of restaurants nationwide, suitable for any occasion from casual gatherings to anniversaries.

* Number one restaurant listings survey for search and reservation sites

Survey period: May 2024

Restaurant search and booking websites: Tabelog, HOT PEPPER GOURMET, GURUNAVI, Retty, hitosara

Survey methods: ・Accessed all websites subject to the survey and compiled all listed restaurants by prefecture without narrowing down the criteria.
・Aggregated the number of restaurants by prefecture from each website.

*In-house survey