Tabelog Terms of Use, Inc. ("the Company") has established the following terms of use ("these Terms") with respect to the Tabelog services provided by the Company ("Tabelog"). Tabelog users ("Users") must agree to these Terms prior to using Tabelog.

As the contents of these Terms will be changed as necessary, please refer to the latest version of the terms of use when using Tabelog.

Although "Tabelog Terms of Use" is prepared both in Japanese and English, "Tabelog Terms of Use" in Japanese shall be an original document and the English translation shall be treated as a reference document.

1. Purpose of Tabelog

The main purpose of Tabelog is, by publishing comments, images and other materials posted by Users in relation to restaurants (information posted by Users on Tabelog is collectively referred to hereinafter as "Word-of-Mouth Information "), to enable other readers of Tabelog to use and refer to them when choosing a restaurant.

2. Member Registration Procedures

Users may carry out procedures for registration as a member of Tabelog ("Tabelog Member") in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company. The Company may provide different services on Tabelog to Users who are not Tabelog Members or who have not completed the member registration procedures prescribed by the Company. The content of the services to be provided may be determined or changed at any time at the option of the Company.

3. Security

Information transmitted with respect to Tabelog member registration is encrypted so that it cannot be seen by third parties. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is currently the most reliable Internet communications encryption technology, is used to encrypt the information. In addition, anti-virus software is utilized against computer viruses.

4. Registration and Management of Login Accounts, etc.

Users are personally responsible for registration and management of their login accounts and passwords ("Login Accounts, etc."). The Company assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage caused by problems such as inadequate management by Users, errors in usage, or use by third parties. In addition, utilization by Users of services pertaining to their Login Accounts, etc. (including services not operated by the Company; the same applies hereinafter) is under their own responsibility, and utilization of the relevant services is in accordance with the provisions of each of the various rules stipulated by the operators of the relevant services. The Company will not be liable for any damage caused by utilization of services pertaining to Login Accounts, etc. or problems arising between a User and the operator of the relevant services.

5. Privacy

  1. Handling of Personal Information

    1. For details of the name of the business operator, the official title of the person responsible for protection of personal information, and contact points, please click here.
    2. Purposes of Utilization

      In providing Tabelog to Users, the Company acquires certain necessary personal information of Users. The purposes of utilization of such information are as follows:

      1. For identity verification when logging in;
      2. For providing information by mail, telephone, email and other means about the products and services of the Company or its group companies;
      3. After it is converted to a form that does not enable identification of individuals, for preparation of statistical data and the like to promote utilization of the Company’s services; and
      4. For communication with Users as necessary in relation to Tabelog.
    3. Provision to Third Parties

      The Company does not disclose or provide Users’ personal information to third parties, except in cases falling under any of the following items:

      1. When Users give their consent;
      2. When the information is disclosed or provided as statistical data in a state that does not enable identification of Users;
      3. When the disclosure or provision is based on laws and regulations;
      4. When disclosure or provision is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the User;
      5. When disclosure or provision is specially necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the User; and
      6. When disclosure or provision is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a local government, or an individual or a business operator entrusted by either of the former two in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the User is likely to impede the execution of the affairs concerned.
    4. Outsourcing

      To the extent necessary for the abovementioned purposes of utilization, the Company may outsource the whole or part of the handling of personal information obtained by it, after taking the necessary measures for protection of the information.

    5. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Discontinuation of Utilization, etc.

      If a request is made by a User for notification of the purposes of utilization, or for disclosure, correction, addition to, deletion, discontinuation of utilization, or erasing of the User’s personal information, it will be handled by the Company by the method specified in section 4 of "Handling of Personal Information."

    6. Other Matters

      Please note that if a User does not enter all the items, that User may not be able to utilize the whole or part of Tabelog.

  2. Cookies and Web Beacons

    We may use cookies and web beacons in order to provide good services to Users who utilize Tabelog.

    Acceptance of cookies can be blocked or restricted by Users’ browser settings, but this may limit their utilization of Tabelog. Users may not be able to restrict the use of web beacons.

    The Company does not use these technologies for the purpose of acquiring personal information of Users.

    Please refer to the following explanations in relation to cookies and web beacons.

    1. Cookies

      Cookies are a system for temporary recording of data by a website provider on the website user’s computer through the web browser. Cookies may record information in relation to users of the website and other matters such as the date and time of the last visit to the website and the number of visits to the website. They are utilized as a system for distinguishing users of the website and authentication of Users, and for customization of services to each User through the Internet.

      1. Disabling cookies used for access analysis (opting out)

        Tabelog uses services provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated in order to understand the state of utilization of the website. To do so, it uses cookies provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated on parts of webpages. Persons who wish to obtain detailed explanations of the use of cookies, information collected by cookies, and procedures for opting out (the right to refuse the use of cookies) should refer to the Adobe Systems Incorporated Privacy Policy .

      2. Use of cookies for delivery of advertisements

        For effective delivery of advertisements, Tabelog uses advertising services performed by the following third parties. The respective services are employed only for the purpose of effective delivery of advertisements through the cookies used, and are not used for any other purpose or the collection of personal information. If you wish to disable these cookies, please disable them in accordance with the procedures on each of the following cookies information webpages:

    2. Web beacons

      Web beacons use clear picture files, scripts and other elements to indicate the state of User access, and are utilized in order to obtain statistical information on the state of website usage, etc. and for website user identification.

    3. Use as IR Information

      The Company may publish as IR information statistical data including in relation to the use of Tabelog by Users, numbers of users, and page views measured using cookies and web beacons.

6. Use of Tabelog

  1. Prohibition of Tabelog Redirecting or Resale

    1. Users must not use or access the whole or part of Tabelog provided by the Company for the purpose of sales activities or other activities aimed at profit-making, or similar activities or acts in preparation for such activities. Further, they must not use or access Tabelog for the purpose of religious activities, political activities or other such activities.
    2. Unauthorized reproduction or use of Word-of-Mouth Information posted on Tabelog is prohibited. However, this does not include Word-of-Mouth Information posted by the actual contributor of the Word-of-Mouth Information in question.
    3. Except in cases specifically allowed by these Terms including the use of Word-of-Mouth Information by the person who posted the Word-of-Mouth Information in question, if a User profits from using Word-of-Mouth Information posted on Tabelog, the Company has the right to demand an amount of money equivalent to that profit.
  2. Alteration or Discontinuation of Tabelog

    The Company may change the Tabelog provided to Users in accordance with the circumstances or convenience of the Company. In addition, Tabelog may be discontinued on the occurrence of a disaster, accident or other emergency. Even if damage is incurred by a User or third party due to the alteration or discontinuation of Tabelog without the prior consent of Users, no compensation will be paid by the Company.

  3. Equipment Needed to Use Tabelog

    To use Tabelog, Users need to have access to the Internet. With respect to Internet access, Users need to appropriately install and operate the required equipment and software at their own expense and under their own responsibility. The Company has no involvement whatsoever in the installation, methods or other matters relating to Users’ access to the Internet.

  4. Posting of Word-of-Mouth Information and Copyright, etc.

    1. Registration as a Tabelog Member is necessary for posting of Word-of-Mouth Information on Tabelog.
    2. When posting Word-of-Mouth Information to Tabelog, Tabelog Members must comply with the Company’s separately specified guidelines. Those guidelines form part of these Terms, and these Terms include those guidelines.
    3. When Tabelog Members post Word-of-Mouth Information on Tabelog, they authorize the use by the Company free of charge of rights under the Copyright Act including reproduction, public transmission, distribution, translation and adaptation of the Word-of-Mouth Information within and outside Japan (including rights of sub-licensing by the Company to third parties) until the date of expiration of the relevant copyright period.
    4. Tabelog Members warrant that they have full rights under the Copyright Act to the Word-of-Mouth Information posted by themselves, including rights of reproduction, public transmission, distribution, translation and adaptation. Consequently, when posting Word-of-Mouth Information, they must take great care with respect to the existence of the rights under the Copyright Act. In addition, in the event that works of third parties are used for posting Word-of-Mouth Information, as the handling of rights required for authorization under the preceding item (iii) is premised on the Tabelog Members’ own responsibility and expense, great care must be taken if using works of third parties when posting Word-of-Mouth Information.
    5. The Company and third parties sub-licensed by the Company may use Word-of-Mouth Information of Tabelog Members for provision of content on the Company’s website and affiliated websites. When doing so, they may summarize or extract part of a Tabelog Member’s Word-of-Mouth Information, or change the size of or clip photographs (pictures) that have been posted. In addition, when using Word-of-Mouth Information posted by a Tabelog Member, the online name of the Tabelog Member who posted the Word-of-Mouth Information may be displayed. Extreme care is taken when using Tabelog Members’ Word-of-Mouth Information. However, please contact the Company if by some chance such alterations violate the credit or reputation of a Tabelog Member.
    6. If the Company or third parties sub-licensed by the Company use Word-of-Mouth Information of a Tabelog Member, such use will not be subject to regional restrictions, copyright notice obligations, or other associated conditions, and the period of use authorized by the Tabelog Member will be limited to the period of the Tabelog Member’s copyright. No royalties or other consideration will be incurred.
    7. No compensation whatsoever will be paid by the Company with respect to any damage incurred by Tabelog Members or third parties due to use by the Company or third parties of Word-of-Mouth Information of Tabelog Members.
  5. Linking with Outside Services in Posting of Word-of-Mouth Information

    1. When posting Word-of-Mouth Information on Tabelog, if a Tabelog Member uses functions for linking with outside services such as Twitter or Facebook ("Outside Services"), the Tabelog Member, through such linking, authorizes the Company in advance to act for the Tabelog Member in the posting on the Outside Services of the Word-of-Mouth Information created by the Tabelog Member. In addition, when the Company acts for a Tabelog Member in posting on the Outside Services, the Tabelog Member authorizes the Company in advance to add the webpage URL relating to the Word-of-Mouth Information and to post the Word-of-Mouth Information. When using linking functions and logging in, Tabelog Members may be required to give their permission in relation to access to data by the Company, and after confirmation of such details, will be able to use the linking functions, only if their permission is given.
    2. With regard to use of Outside Services, including registration and use of Outside Service User IDs (including posting to Outside Services of Word-of-Mouth Information created by Tabelog Members), Tabelog Members must comply with the provisions of the rules prescribed by the operators of the Outside Services.
    3. If Outside Services are used, Tabelog Members use such Services at their own risk, and the Company accepts no liability with respect to damage caused by use of such Services, problems arising between operators and users of such Services, or any other matters relating to such Services.

7. Exemptions

Users use Tabelog at their own risk. Further, Users must consent in advance to the matters in the following items.

  1. Restaurant Information and Ordered Products Information

    The Company provides no warranties in relation to published information concerning restaurants or ordered products. When making reservations, or placing orders, prior to going to the restaurants, we recommend that you confirm directly with the stores, by telephone or other methods, the address, opening hours, regular closing days and other information. In addition, the Company will not provide any compensation or have any involvement whatsoever with respect to any damage caused to Users, or problems between Users, due to published information concerning restaurants or ordered products.

    If published restaurant information is incorrect, please contact us from here.

  2. Content of Word-of-Mouth Information

    The Company provides no warranties in relation to the content of published Word-of-Mouth Information. Users must exercise their own judgment. In addition, the Company will not provide any compensation or have any involvement whatsoever with respect to any damage incurred by Users due to posted Word-of-Mouth Information (including damage from computer virus infection through various kinds of content created by Users), or problems between Users.

  3. Linked Websites

    The Company provides no warranties in relation to websites operated by third parties that are linked to Tabelog. Users should exercise their own judgment. In addition, the Company will not provide any compensation or have any involvement whatsoever in damage caused by linked websites or problems between Users.

  4. Deletion of Word-of-Mouth Information

    Tabelog is a community comprised of Word-of-Mouth Information posted by Users based on their own responsibility. However, so that all Users can comfortably use Tabelog, if Word-of-Mouth Information falling under or similar to any of the following items is found, such Word-of-Mouth Information may be deleted from Tabelog without prior notice.

    Whether or not Word-of-Mouth Information is subject to deletion will be decided at the sole discretion of the Company.

    In addition, in relation to Word-of-Mouth Information published on linked Outside Services in accordance with paragraph (5) of section 6, as it appears on services and websites operated by third parties, the Company cannot take measures for deletion or other such measures.

    1. Word-of-Mouth Information that is contrary to the guidelines;
    2. Word-of-Mouth Information that is contrary to public order and morality;
    3. Word-of-Mouth Information that has no relationship to the purposes of Tabelog or restaurants or ordered products that are the subject of Word-of-Mouth Information (excluding diaries);
    4. Word-of-Mouth Information that includes harmful programs, script or the like;
    5. Word-of-Mouth Information concerning content proposing personal buying and selling or transfer transactions, or advertising, aimed at profit-making;
    6. Other Word-of-Mouth Information that hinders Tabelog management or is judged by the Company to be inappropriate.
  5. Map Information

    The Company provides no warranties in relation to map information pertaining to the posted address of restaurants. Map information is provided by Google Inc., and Google Inc.’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply.

8. Copyright, Property Rights and Other Rights

  1. All copyright, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights and other property rights relating to content and individual information, trademarks, images, advertisements, and designs included on Tabelog belong to the Company or the lawful holder of the rights.
  2. Tabelog and all related software used in Tabelog include property rights protected by laws and regulations relating to intellectual property rights.
  3. Users must not copy, edit, change, publish, reproduce, publicly transmit, distribute, sell, supply, translate or adapt or use Tabelog or Tabelog contents in any other way, except in cases where Users are authorized to do so by the Company or by a third party copyright holder or holder of other intellectual property rights or other property rights, and cases where application or use without authorization by the holder of the rights is permitted by laws and regulations.
  4. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for damage incurred due to contravention by a User of any of the preceding items. If a User profits from such conduct, the Company has the right to demand an amount equivalent to that profit.

9. Prohibited Conduct

  1. The following conduct is prohibited when Users utilize Tabelog:

    1. Without the prior consent of the Company, copying or reproducing by other methods, duplicating, forwarding, transferring, distributing, circulating, reselling or storing to use for any of those purposes information provided by Tabelog, except where it is specifically authorized by laws and regulations, these Terms or the guidelines;
    2. Violation of these Terms or the guidelines;
    3. Violation of public order and morality;
    4. Conduct that leads to or promotes illegal conduct, criminal conduct, or conduct that poses significant danger;
    5. Infringement of the Company’s, other Users’ or third parties’ intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, and know-how);
    6. Illegal infringement of other Users’ or third parties’ rights or interests, or conduct likely to infringe such rights or interests;
    7. Hindering the operation of Tabelog or damaging the reputation of the Company;
    8. Submitting false statements when registering as a Tabelog Member;
    9. Registering the same person multiple times as a Tabelog Member;
    10. Unauthorized use of IDs or passwords, or allowing other Users or third parties to use them;
    11. Use of Tabelog functions for the purpose of encounters with strangers of the opposite sex; and
    12. Other conduct judged by the Company to be inappropriate.
  2. If there is conduct by a User falling under any of the preceding items or conduct judged by the Company to be inappropriate in the light of the intent and purposes of Tabelog, the Company may discontinue the utilization of Tabelog by the relevant User or may take other measures judged by the Company to be appropriate ("Discontinuation of Utilization Measures"). Discontinuation of Utilization Measures may be implemented based on the discretion and judgment of the Company, regardless of whether or not the User is responsible for the conduct. The Company will not respond in any way to a User’s inquiries about the reasons for implementing Discontinuation of Utilization Measures, regardless of the circumstances. Further, the Company assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to any damage incurred by a User caused by Discontinuation of Utilization Measures.

10. Withdrawal Procedures

  1. If a Tabelog Member wishes to withdraw from membership, they must undertake the Company’s designated withdrawal procedures.
  2. If a Tabelog Member undertakes withdrawal procedures, they will lose all rights and privileges in relation to the use of their Tabelog Member account granted by the Company.
  3. Tabelog Members agree in advance that, even if they undertake withdrawal procedures, Word-of-Mouth Information posted by them will not be deleted.
  4. If a Tabelog Member has completed withdrawal procedures, or the agreement between the Company and the Tabelog Member pursuant these Terms has ended, section 4. Registration and Management of Login Accounts, etc.; section 5. Privacy; paragraphs (1), (2), (4) and (5)(iii) of section 6. Use of Tabelog; section 7. Exemptions; section 8. Copyright, Property Rights and Other Rights; section 9. Prohibited Conduct; and section 12. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction will remain in effect.

11. Alteration of these Terms

The Company may alter the contents of these Terms. In such event, notification will be provided on Tabelog, or by other methods as the Company considers appropriate. Upon notification, the relevant amendments come into effect, and Users agree to such amendments.

12. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. If a need arises for litigation in relation to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court will be the agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

13. Inquiries

If you have any queries, please contact us using form below.

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Revised: June 30, 2014