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Menu : Phlox Local Market Bar&Marche

Phlox Local Market Bar&Marche

(Phlox Local Market Bar&Marche)
This restaurant is permanently closed.
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Last updated : 2022/09/12

Food menu

(Price including tax)

Recommended main menu

The waterless curry, which uses plenty of chicken wings and is a recommended dish made with a mixture of more than 30 types of spices. This curry is made from scratch and simmered slowly, making it an excellent dish.


Waterless chicken wing curry

JPY 800

This is a waterless curry made with carefully simmered chicken wings. It goes perfectly with turmeric rice. A mini salad is included in the set.


grilled cheese curry

JPY 1,000

Cheese curry made with waterless chicken wing curry. The fragrant grilled cheese and spicy curry make this a perfect dish.


Taco rice

JPY 1,000

This dish uses minced meat that is well seasoned. It also looks cute, so it's sure to look great in photos.

lemon cream pasta

JPY 1,000

A pasta dish with a perfect balance of refreshing lemon flavor and rich cream.

kids lunch plate

JPY 800

A children's lunch that your children will enjoy without getting bored. Of course, adults are welcome too.


Spicy noodles

JPY 1,000

Spicy noodles, a specialty of Miyazaki. They are healthy because they use konjac noodles. The generous amount of minced meat and Chinese chives will whet your appetite.

Tomato and cheese spicy noodles

JPY 1,000

Spicy noodles with tomato cheese flavor. Enjoy the refreshing taste of cheese and spicy tomatoes.

Plenty of vegetables! Tomato soup and bread set

JPY 800

This set includes a hearty soup made without any added seasonings, using only the natural flavor of vegetables, and a piece of bread of your choice.

Shrimp and mushroom Ajillo

JPY 500

This is a shrimp and mushroom Ajillo. Served with baguette from "Boulangerie Onni".

Gyoza / Dumpling by G MEN55

JPY 500

Gyoza / Dumpling is a specialty of the Miyazaki Ramen shop "G MEN55." It's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, making it delicious.

Fried Chicken

JPY 500

Freshly fried, piping hot homemade fried chicken. Seasoned and deep-fried twice until crispy, this popular dish is perfect as a snack.

reserved BBQ plan

You can bring anything you want for your BBQ at our restaurant! reserved fee includes a large grill, a spacious cooler (including ice for drinks), tableware, and cooking utensils. Perfect for parties and special occasions.


Plan with 9 liters of draft beer

JPY 46,200

This is a great value plan that includes private reserved from 11:00 to 18:00 and 9 liters of draft beer. You can add 3 liters of draft beer for 3,000 yen. *The displayed price is for one group. The maximum number of seating is 15 people. *If there are more than 15 people, a fee of 4,400 yen will be charged per person. (Except for preschool children.)


Relaxed reserved plan

JPY 33,000

This plan allows you to fully enjoy the BBQ venue from 11:00 to 18:00. *The displayed price is for one group. The maximum number of seats is 15 people. *If there are more than 15 people, we will charge 4,400 yen per person. (Except for preschool children.)


Hourly rental plan

JPY 5,000

This plan allows you to reserved the place for an hourly rate between 11am and 6pm. Recommended for a small BBQ with friends or family in the afternoon. *The displayed price is for one group. The maximum number of seats is 15 people. *If there are more than 15 people, we will charge 4,400 yen per person. (Except for preschool children.)

Restaurant information


Restaurant name
閉店Phlox Local Market Bar&Marche(Phlox Local Market Bar&Marche)
This restaurant is permanently closed.
Categories Cafe



Nearest bus stop: Babadani

1,567 meters from Oguchi.

Opening hours
  • ■営業時間

    火曜日 水曜日

Hours and closed days may change, so please check with the restaurant before visiting.

Average price

- JPY 999

- JPY 999

Average price(Based on reviews)
Payment methods

Credit card accepted

(VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners)

Electronic money accepted

(Transportation IC cards (e.g., Suica), Rakuten-Edy, nanaco, WAON, iD, QUICPay)


Number of seats

25 Seats

( 4 seats at the counter, 3 seats at tables, 2 high chairs, 8 seats on the raised platform, 8 seats on the terrace)

Private rooms


Private use



Smoking allowed

The revised Health Promotion Act for passive smoking prevention has been in effect since April 1, 2020. Please check with the restaurant for the most up-to-date information.



There is a paid parking lot directly opposite


Stylish space,Relaxing space,Counter seating,Sofa seating,Tatami seats,Open terrace



Sake (Nihonshu),Shochu (Japanese spirits),Wine,Cocktails available,Particular about Sake (Nihonshu),Particular about Shochu (Japanese spirits),Particular about wine,Particular about cocktails


Particular about vegetable

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Solo dining friendly

This occasion is recommended by many people.


Pet friendly (Good for pets),Take-out



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